DDG Fires Transform SOF Littoral Assault

DDG 1000 LRAP MK57 GUN David Tashji

Naval Gun Range Increases Amphibious Assault Mission Support.

NOTICE OF AWARD: BAE Systems, Land and Armaments L.P., U.S. Combat Systems, Minneapolis, Minn., is being awarded a $24,000,000 modification to previously awarded contract (N00024-12-C-5311) to exercise options for the Advanced Gun System (AGS) for DDG 1002. The AGS is a 155mm, vertically loaded, stabilized gun mount that is capable of storing, programming, and firing the Long Range Land Attack Projectile. It is a fully automated weapon system capable of firing 10 rounds per minute supplied via a fully automated magazine loading system. The gun’s primary mission is land attack. The Zumwalt-class destroyer will employ two AGS gun mounts and magazines in support of ground expeditionary forces. Work will be performed in Louisville, Ky. (37 percent); Cordova, Ala. (30 percent); Minneapolis, Minn. (28 percent); and Burlington, Vt. (5 percent), and is expected to be completed by January 2018. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington D.C, is the contracting activity.

Source: USAF FEED: DoD Contracts Award Notification


DDG 1000 LRAP Support Amphibious Assault Missions _ David _TashjiIt is rare when the confluence of new capabilities for the first time makes it possible to transform the modern battle space of the irregular wars with such profound shifts as to establish concept of operations that tip the fulcrum so dramatically with unprecedented ISR and naval fires in support of covert riverine, beach assault, HAHO and other SOF and Marine Corps. infiltration missions.

To speculate on some of the the ultimate implications of the specific AGS contract award above, lets jump ahead to the near future. We are in East Asia  – the year is 2020 . . .

SocomMISSION VIGNETTE: Operation Frost (See Fig. A above (redacted))

LOCATION: Non-State Militia Occupied East Asia Former State
November 2020

FORCE STRUCTURE: United States Special Operations Forces (SOCOM), United States Navy (USN) Seal Team 12; United States Marines Corp (USMC), Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Two, Bravo and Echo Companies; USN 5th Fleet, DDG-1002; Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) F-35 Squadron 188 (Reserve).

Republic of Singapore Air ForceSITUATIONAL REPORT: Adversarial militia occupy the coastline of a virtually lawless failed state adjacent to commerce critical littoral waters in East Asia. In seven instance over two months, militia initiated anti-ship missiles fire against US, UK and five other NATO member nation surface vessels as well prosecute attacks against UAV’s traversing international waters. Citing the loss of life and sea area denial from the attacks, the White House has initiated immediate strike force action to neutralize and destroy the threat environment due to the negative effects occurring to the worlds financial construct as a result of sea lane transit disruption.

MISSION OBJECTIVES: The target of the operation is the neutralization of the anti-ship missile depot adjacent to the main militia base located 68 miles from the coastline. Additionally, there are five key militia leaders and technicians specifically targeted for elimination and capture. The mission objectives must be accomplished without trace, with stealthy approach and speed the overriding mission execution concepts.

The Militia depot garrison is small but well armed and possesses MANPADS and other advanced weapons such as EFP’s, as well as mobile X-band radars and targeting support for Chinese and Russian Federation make AAA and missile sites captured from the exiled regime. The US JFACC has been asked to stand down all preparations for SEAD . . . the Militia are expected to be a numerous and fierce organized force but of a poorly trained nature.

UAV Makes Low Speed Pass and Releases multiple throwbots across target site. Bots provide real time SA and eastablish mesh network starting 12 hours prior to Assault Force Go / No Go Decision.D minus 18 hours.
DDG 1002 approaches the failed-state coastline within mobile X-Band radar site range and remains undetected.

D minus 12 hours.
Launched from DDG 1002, a USN Rotary UAV covertly delivers five small UGV’s to the target site, and using a bi-directional radio relays 25 channels of real time IR video from target site to a COP at DDG 1002. The UGV’s activate a mesh network to support their mobility and improve signal latency for UAV data feeds. Target site is covertly reconnoitered by mobile UGV’s, and multi-view pattern surveillance is delivered real time to SOF & USMC assault force for twelve hours prior to zero hour go/no-go decision.

D = Zero hour.
A simulated amphibious and land assault is conducted in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, on Friday, June 23, to demonstrate NATO's show of force during Exercise Steadfast Jaguar. More than 7,000 NATO servicemembers from land, maritime and air components are participating in the exercise, which ends today. (U.S. Air Force photo/Capt. Krista Carlos)Amphibious assault commences with two USMC companies deployed from DDG launched RHIB’s and simultaneous SEAL Team HAHO. USMC MEU Two Bravo company secures beachhead while Echo company moves inland towards the depot target via. motorized apparatus. The USN SEAL 12 team HAHO lands them on target site where connection to robot mesh network ISR enables unprecedented SA attainment speed and coverage.

Air Force pararescuemen and Navy SEALs participate in free-fall parachute training Jan. 21, 2011, over Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The Airmen are assigned to the New York Air National Guard's 103rd Rescue Squadron. The SEALs are based on the West Coast. (U.S. Marine Corps photo/Lance Cpl. Reece E. Lodder)Caption: Air Force pararescuemen and Navy SEALs participate in free-fall parachute training Jan. 21, 2011, over Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The Airmen are assigned to the New York Air National Guard’s 103rd Rescue Squadron. The SEALs are based on the West Coast. (U.S. Marine Corps photo/Lance Cpl. Reece E. Lodder)

D plus one hour.
AGS 155 Gun SystemDDG 1002 repositions to new coordinate on the edge of coastal X-band radar range.

D plus three hours.

USMC MEU Two Echo company is attacked by battalion size militia force in transit only two miles from target site rendezvous with USN SEAL 12. DDG 1002 AGS LRAP fire support is targeted from 65 miles and destroys the militia battalion. MEU Two Echo takes 16 prisoners, and proceeds to target site where USN SEAL 12 has already captured all five priority targets.

MK57 Verical Launch SystemD plus five hours.
MEU Two Echo clears and secures the militia depot, provides targeting data for DDG 1002 VLS  fire units with UGV target acquisition, and moves with USN SEAL 12 to rejoin MEU Two Bravo at beach LZ. Seven missiles are launched and obliterate the target depot with limited collateral damage. CEP is reduced to less than one meter.

D plus Seven hours.
DDG 1002 repositions to assault force rendezvous coordinate within coastal x-band radar range and remains undetected. All forces and prisoners egress by RHIB to DDG 1002. UGV’s are scuttled via. remote detonation.

After Action Analysis
Naval Gun and Missile Support provided the primary kinetic effects that delivered numerous mission objectives in support of operation Frost. Target data provided by expendable ISTAR UGV’s enabled precision fires at extended ranges and freedom to allow rapid ground force movement to and from the target and LZ. The politically undesirable tactics of air defense suppression was not undertaken. The USN, USMC and SOCOM demonstrated the fusion of numerous advanced technology enabled capabilities including joint forces employing real-time remote sensing (with both before after action SA) and precision long range ground support element fires originating from littoral waters.

At the war department, From the Sea is dusted off the bookshelf and a new chapter is written . . .

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