Editorial Strategy


Prosper with Knowledge – that is our credo. We recognize the world has moved from an information age to a knowledge age . . .  enabled by unique trade craft, trade secrets, intellectual property and controlled and classified information. Our business has grown from a modest, yet revolutionary idea: first-hand experience and expertise can make any professional decision better. Ultimately, we believe experience creates expertise.

Since our founding in 1999, Prosper with Knowledge has been a leading forum for serious discussion of the digital revolution and international foreign policy and global affairs. Prosper with Knowledge is published by PWK International Advisers, a for-profit and nonpartisan organization and coalition dedicated to improving the understanding of the digital revolution, U.S. foreign policy and international affairs through the free exchange of ideas. Our original launch led with a statement setting out an editorial vision that has since remained constant:

The editorial in Prosper with Knowledge will deal with questions of international interest today. They will cover a broad range of subjects, not only political but historical and economic, and they will be accompanied, when it is desirable, by maps and diagrams. Technical articles will explore content rich topics spanning a broad range of applied disciplines. Our articles will not represent any consensus of beliefs. They shall be competent and well informed, representing honest opinions seriously held and convincingly expressed. The interests and prosperity of our readers are always our first consideration.

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