Concepts of Operation


CONOPS Services

We are transforming how defense development projects and programs are conceived, designed, contracted, managed and staffed.  We intend nothing short of a revolution in how defense end-users are supported from initial, user-driven concepting, through stakeholder discussions, with all three pillars of engineering (SE, DE and ME), and more efficient updating and upgrading of mission-critical systems.

Through our partnership with Smooth Projects, you can participate in a Advanced Systems Development Masterclass

✔ Speak the language of modern, Joint Force Military Operations, as you design and develop new capabilities.

✔ Use the Take-Charge-Triad of Systems Engineering, Digital Engineering and Mission Engineering, that guarantees successful system development and fielding of systems-of-systems.

✔ Use two foolproof ways to get users’ support for your systems:  the Stakeholder Matrix and special User-Interviews (both structured and unstructured) and when to use each type.

✔ Get a strong competitive advantage with five crucial tools that are completely missing from US DOD’s Mission Engineering toolkit:  User-Driven Stakeholder Matrix, Single Page Operations Concept, MIT’s Problem-Framing technique, User-Driven Development Framework, and the Collaborative Architectural Failure-Resistant Engine.